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the heels will be back…

gone will be the days of the kitten heels….. the summer next year will see a variations of flats, gladiators and yes… a lot of heels and wedges… i like.

Or so i hope.
All images from Style.com


its a scarf story

yesterday…. with nothing to do at the office, i could freely browse through magazine, brochures, as long as i wanted to…. (yes, there are a lot of good things which comes  when being associated with a fashion magazine)…. funnily, i tripped onto this Hermes brochure with lots of pictures, showing “normal” people wearing their scarves in various ways… we sure know that a scarf can be liven up any outfit; but now; when everybody wants a “something new” in their wardrobe” a scarf  can also form an outfit in itself, or at least most of it…. I can say this by personal experience… having recently gained the fascination of a lil’ piece of cloth! this makes me go back to the image where Gauri Khan was seen wearing a Hermes scarf as a top and SRK had very enthusiastically tweeted about it before anybody else…. ;)

Gauri Khan at Arjun Rampal Bash for National Awards wins for "Rock On"

IMAGE from: www.highheelconfidential.com The illustration published back in the 50’s explains it all…. how and why we should always look back for inspirations for creating a “new” in future!

25 ways with a scarf

IMAGE from : www.shopruche.com If you don’t want to look too hard, the recent Hermes ad campaign (for S/S ’10) with Karlie Kloss shows off the same quality of the scarf!

Hermes S/S 10 campaign

p.s. the campaign is beautiful in itself, with the right model, the right direction and the very very right colours!!! below is another image to prove my last stated line just right!! ;)

Hermes S/S 10 campaign

IMAGE from: FashionCopious When talking  of scarves, how can one forget to mention Isadora Duncan– the pioneer of fashion for scarves! Known as the mother of modern dance, Duncan was highly inspired by the Ancient Greek art collections, which resulted from her spending a lot of time at the British Museum, and vice-versa. Being against the fashion of costumes that restricted movements, she had abandoned corsets at the time it was more of a fashion than need or want.  She danced barefoot in long flowing dresses with loose hairs, bare limbs and without tights! Her dresses were complimented with several coloured scarves generally 3 yards long!! But, Duncan’s fondness for flowing scarves which trailed behind her was the cause of her death in an automobile accident in Nice, France, on the night of September 14, 1927, at the age of 50. The flowing scarf was caught in the spokes of the spinning rear wheel and the heavy silk tightened around her neck, killing her instantly.