The New Colours of Fashion

From sweet pastels, to black and white, and now this!!!

The new colours for the season are bold!!! So bold and stark and bold!!!

From covers to the inside stories…

Vogue Germany July 2010

RUSSH Australia June/July 2010

Eva Mendes for W July 2010

ELLE 2010

Numéro #114


‘coz she’s so….

This results from random internet surfing

I like her hair, I love her sunglasses, I have no *love* words for her denim choice… just as a denim shirt, a denim waistcoat, and a denim jacket, i just added this denim dungree is on my “need to have-have to buy” list!

IMAGE from: Fashion Copious

Being Frida Kahlo…

I wish I knew her too!!


Why???  -Do you know who she was??? If yes! You wouldn’t be asking me that… if NO… shame on you!!!

Now… just don’t google her!!! That’ll be sad….

Let me tell you that….

She was a Mexican painter (born 1907) … to say the least…  A communist by heart.. (as I understand.. after google-ing her myself and watching a movie based on her- Frida :P ).
She didn’t paint people around her… or the beautiful scenery; she painted life… the love, the passion… and the pain…. That is what was depicted through her paintings…. her self-portraits… which I can’t resist adding… is an inspiration to a lot of creativity now!!!

And if you still thinking why I wish I knew her….

She was a woman… a true strong woman…. the one which didn’t need a women empowerment scheme… or a women rights bill to prove her point….

Contracting polio at the age of 6… and to hide her thin leg… she wore long bright   colourful skirts… The rest of her fashion statements were not to hide anything…. she just was such…. wearing peasant tops, braided hair tied into a twist with flowers, and exotic earrings…. and the most prominent feature… her uni-brow….

Going back to the earlier “her strength” line, she had a horrible bus accident… which left her with broken spinal column, broken ribs, collarbone, pelvis, and a crushed right leg and foot…  But such was her determination… that she not only regained from her sufferings… she made her able to walk, (and dance too)…. Although this did put her into series of visits to the hospital, she never stopped. But the accident was a boon too…. she started to paint while being bed-ridden… she painted her life in those paintings… as if she was expressing her life through those colours and strokes….

Married to the Mexican painter Diego Rivera (in 1929), whom she initially admired, Frida had a number of lovers… both men and women… But they loved each other to an extent, that even her fiery temperaments, which drove them to divorce in 1939, made them reconcile and get married again… in 1940..!!

Sadly enough… she too, like many others…  didn’t get recognition years after her death… It was almost in the 1980′s, when a certain artistic movement started…. mainly recognizing the contemporary Mexican culture, did her work come into notice. Till then, she was known as Diego Rivera’s wife…! And yes… this later recognition has happened to a lot of great people… (John Keats died believing he was a failure!!!)

A self portrait by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo inspirational Yana Gupta by Tarun Khiwal

Want more???

An editorial by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (featuring Claudia Schiffer)…. for Vogue Germany March 2010

See more images on Fashion Gone Rouge (link below)

Don’t you wish you knew her too???

IMAGES from: Tarun, Fashiongonerouge,

Fashion on you…. you in style…. no maybe… you in fashion!?

If you look back at the people in history, it would be very clear- Fashion sense in people back then outshone their presence or rather— made it. Picture the extreme bouffant of the Victorian Era or the pale white skin made-up face of the Chinese; history never failed to amaze. When I looked back at some notified fashion makers of the past, I felt so small; considering what I see of fashion today. Well, I am not saying there’s nothing to look at now; because there is. But imagine the creativity and the knack to doing something so different and ahead of their time then!!!! Think past and a flood of images would come rushing into your head-Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Frieda Kahlo in the West or say Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman closer home (to name a few). you picture them and know their exact fashion sense. You can look at a garment and know which one would go with whom!!!

But wait.

Can you do that now??? For how many??? The ever so precious Kate Moss, or Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes…. ??? I love what they wear… love it… but what more????
Thankfully, as I write here, I can think of some people- maybe Victoria Beckham, or how about I say- Lady Gaga. Who else???? Maybe there are… but none of whom I can think of right now…

I don’t know if i am happy that the other “best dressed” ladies as we out them as, are great to have such a beautiful sense of “style” and “fashion”. Should we not give all the credit to the designers for their collection??? The “best dressed ladies” after all wear the best from the collection… Right??? Or maybe I am wrong…

Or should I be happy that we still have some people, one (to be precise) at the moment- to make the biggest news- Lady Gaga!!! Wearing the outlandish-est of the clothes, she certainly makes heads turn her way! Though accused of copying styles from Grace Jones (yes there was a news article on even that!!), Lady Gaga never failed to make an impact, (keep the good or bad aside). Experimenting with hair-wigs, or fitting herself into those unique pieces of garments… each equally inspirational…. and disturbing (sometimes) if I may add.

Personally- I feel pretty nice to be in the same era as her— the same way as I was proud to be in the same era as the great Alexander McQueen, but very sad to be not able to meet him. When bloggers around the world talk about her statement making style- when they dedicate a section of their blog to “what Lady Gaga will be wearing from the season” – yes it happened for the spring collection! How cool is that!!!

Yes its not about fashion making you… but you making fashion…. but the pretty ladies of today are so engrossed in “looking pretty” that they hardly go out of the “safe” range of clothing!! Pretty.. but Sad…. Sad… but True!!

its a scarf story

yesterday…. with nothing to do at the office, i could freely browse through magazine, brochures, as long as i wanted to…. (yes, there are a lot of good things which comes  when being associated with a fashion magazine)…. funnily, i tripped onto this Hermes brochure with lots of pictures, showing “normal” people wearing their scarves in various ways… we sure know that a scarf can be liven up any outfit; but now; when everybody wants a “something new” in their wardrobe” a scarf  can also form an outfit in itself, or at least most of it…. I can say this by personal experience… having recently gained the fascination of a lil’ piece of cloth! this makes me go back to the image where Gauri Khan was seen wearing a Hermes scarf as a top and SRK had very enthusiastically tweeted about it before anybody else…. ;)

Gauri Khan at Arjun Rampal Bash for National Awards wins for "Rock On"

IMAGE from: The illustration published back in the 50’s explains it all…. how and why we should always look back for inspirations for creating a “new” in future!

25 ways with a scarf

IMAGE from : If you don’t want to look too hard, the recent Hermes ad campaign (for S/S ’10) with Karlie Kloss shows off the same quality of the scarf!

Hermes S/S 10 campaign

p.s. the campaign is beautiful in itself, with the right model, the right direction and the very very right colours!!! below is another image to prove my last stated line just right!! ;)

Hermes S/S 10 campaign

IMAGE from: FashionCopious When talking  of scarves, how can one forget to mention Isadora Duncan– the pioneer of fashion for scarves! Known as the mother of modern dance, Duncan was highly inspired by the Ancient Greek art collections, which resulted from her spending a lot of time at the British Museum, and vice-versa. Being against the fashion of costumes that restricted movements, she had abandoned corsets at the time it was more of a fashion than need or want.  She danced barefoot in long flowing dresses with loose hairs, bare limbs and without tights! Her dresses were complimented with several coloured scarves generally 3 yards long!! But, Duncan’s fondness for flowing scarves which trailed behind her was the cause of her death in an automobile accident in Nice, France, on the night of September 14, 1927, at the age of 50. The flowing scarf was caught in the spokes of the spinning rear wheel and the heavy silk tightened around her neck, killing her instantly.

The story about “L’enfant FANTASTIC”

It was my fifth semester at college, when I was learning a lot of things about design. But the most awaited class of the semester was yet to come… of which would tell me about writing for Fashion. Lamely put, “Fashion Journalism”, it was in that class that we covered trends, more trends, celebrities, et al.

For our final assignment, we were introduced to Alexander McQueen; not just randomly by telling about him, but by showing us his runway show from Fall Winter 08/09. We all sat awestruck with the whole idea of his show. The beauty of “the girl living on the tree” was so enchanting that we could hardly put it in words afterwards. This was just not me. My class, who is a lil’ more than “anti-fashion” and call themselves a batch of “communication-design” simply fell in love with him!

When i went back home that day, more than anything in the world, I just wanted to read about him. From the start. How his graduation collection was all bought by his friend-cum-mentor-cum-everything, the wonderful Isabella Blow [19 November 1958 – 7 May 2007]; I just read about her, wide-eyed, and named her, “the women with wonderful hats”. But alas, due to severe depression and a cancer diagnosis  she had ended her life.   McQueen was deeply affected by this  and later, together with the Irish hatter Philip Treacy(for whom Isabella Blow was a muse), dedicated his Spring-summer ’08 show to Ms. Blow.

McQueen was the head designer for Gucci, news maker for all his unusual-not-so-wearable-shoes and a brand in his own.

Highly creative, intelligent and extremely forward-looking, Lee McQueen took inspiration from every moment of his life. His shows, one-of-a-kind, were always about a match of perfection, design and art. Each garment had a thinking process behind it, and every accessory was a piece of art in itself, enough to draw inspiration from.

He won several awards during his career, including ‘Best British Designer of the Year’, ‘International Designer of the Year’ and honored as ‘Most Excellent Commander of the British Empire’.

Lee McQueen, ended his life this Thursday, on 11th February. Can’t say any more than this. He was a true magician with what he did to pieces of clothes to make art. From his shows on ice, under water and rain, around a tree or on as a holographic image floating above…. he always gave us something to look forward to.

Below are some of the images from his collections, and a piece I did on him, with a friend.

R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen[March 17, 1969-February 11,2010].

Here is my (and my group member’s) interpretation of his collection for Fall 08/09…

All images from

The trend that made me think.. WHY?

We are in the middle of ‘crisis’ to put it in the right sense…. Aircel has recently launched a campaign saying Only 1411 tigers left… what can we do to save them!Various reasons put together… the number of tigers have been gradually decreasing….

If we really care about them so much.. why does then fashion sometimes plays with them… For who think I am against fashion.. read the rest of the entry first….

The latest jewelry trend to hit the fashion world is the mammoth ivory jewelry. Killed due to a natural calamity or though our ancestors, mammoths are history now… Why then instead of preserving them as it is, their ivory is being used to create ‘vintage’ jewelery????

The first piece which i saw is a ‘claw cuff’ which can was rightly names “insanity clutched onto your clutch”.

[Derrick R. Cruz from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons took Pamela Love‘s signature Talon Cuff and tricked the ish out of it. Six natural black diamonds (!) are set in an oxidized sterling silver talon, and—get this—outfitted with claws that are carved from 10-30,000 year old Siberian woolly mammoth tusks. Fourteen have been produced till now!]

Monique Péan Mammoth Bone Necklace; Vintage 1920s Fossilized Mammoth Ivory and Diamond Ring

Belmacz Cuff, Monique Pean Mwanza River Pendant Necklace

Now, can it be put this way that a lot of poaching might also be happening just for the sake of fashion…. For furs, bones and what not!!

IMEAGES from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, Monique Péan, Belmacz