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Being Frida Kahlo Part II

Dunno how could i ever miss this!!

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lovely and fresh.
shot by the Prabuddha Dasgupta (for VAMA Calender)…


Being Frida Kahlo…

I wish I knew her too!!


Why???  -Do you know who she was??? If yes! You wouldn’t be asking me that… if NO… shame on you!!!

Now… just don’t google her!!! That’ll be sad….

Let me tell you that….

She was a Mexican painter (born 1907) … to say the least…  A communist by heart.. (as I understand.. after google-ing her myself and watching a movie based on her- Frida :P ).
She didn’t paint people around her… or the beautiful scenery; she painted life… the love, the passion… and the pain…. That is what was depicted through her paintings…. her self-portraits… which I can’t resist adding… is an inspiration to a lot of creativity now!!!

And if you still thinking why I wish I knew her….

She was a woman… a true strong woman…. the one which didn’t need a women empowerment scheme… or a women rights bill to prove her point….

Contracting polio at the age of 6… and to hide her thin leg… she wore long bright   colourful skirts… The rest of her fashion statements were not to hide anything…. she just was such…. wearing peasant tops, braided hair tied into a twist with flowers, and exotic earrings…. and the most prominent feature… her uni-brow….

Going back to the earlier “her strength” line, she had a horrible bus accident… which left her with broken spinal column, broken ribs, collarbone, pelvis, and a crushed right leg and foot…  But such was her determination… that she not only regained from her sufferings… she made her able to walk, (and dance too)…. Although this did put her into series of visits to the hospital, she never stopped. But the accident was a boon too…. she started to paint while being bed-ridden… she painted her life in those paintings… as if she was expressing her life through those colours and strokes….

Married to the Mexican painter Diego Rivera (in 1929), whom she initially admired, Frida had a number of lovers… both men and women… But they loved each other to an extent, that even her fiery temperaments, which drove them to divorce in 1939, made them reconcile and get married again… in 1940..!!

Sadly enough… she too, like many others…  didn’t get recognition years after her death… It was almost in the 1980′s, when a certain artistic movement started…. mainly recognizing the contemporary Mexican culture, did her work come into notice. Till then, she was known as Diego Rivera’s wife…! And yes… this later recognition has happened to a lot of great people… (John Keats died believing he was a failure!!!)

A self portrait by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo inspirational Yana Gupta by Tarun Khiwal

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An editorial by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (featuring Claudia Schiffer)…. for Vogue Germany March 2010

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Don’t you wish you knew her too???

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