The Elegance of McQueen is alive.

McQueen’s show, in the words from was such:  “It’s hard to conceive of a more thankless task in fashion than taking over from a designer as galvanizing as Alexander “Lee” McQueen, but Sarah Burton is precisely the kind of quiet powerhouse who has what it takes to grab hold of his legacy and drag it where it needs to go to survive and prosper. As much as she worked beside McQueen for 15 years and clearly had a symbiotic connection to his very particular vision, it’s her gender that is her greatest asset and point of difference, at least as it shaped tonight’s show. The very first outfit could stand as a manifesto for the future: The tail coat is a trad McQueen piece, but here it was softened, its edges unfinished, and the hard, peaked shoulders that were another McQueen signature had been slashed open, relaxed.”

A nature’s beauty! The collection was inspired from various  delights of nature, clearly depicted in the butterfly motifs with rich brocades, embellished with leather leaves and metal trims.  OH! and the lovely shoes!!!

A standing ovation to Ms. Sarah Burton. Applause. Thank you so much.

Apart from that, have a look at that unique hairstyle! the hairs are loosely weaved together for a carefree style. I like! :)

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One response to “The Elegance of McQueen is alive.

  1. I saw the pictures and it was like he’s still alive ,, as a ghost in his remodeled creations :(

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