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The Fun ELLE

Something is happening to Indian fashion….

And it’s not just about various fashion magazines entering India….

While Femina is still trying to be a fashion magazine, it comes out as a whole-woman-magazine, talking about fashion-yes, relationships, travel, and so much more…..

marie claire, Verve and L’Official are there too!

but for me, Vogue-as it is a self-claimed fashion Bible-for its serious fashion, Harper’s Bazaar-for its personal style, and ELLE-for its fun and an easy take on fashion wins for me any day!

Elle Paris April 2010

To be honest I am inclined towards Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for very cliché reasons, while ELLE becomes my pretty-and-daring fashion guide! Well… another truth is… I am not a fashion follower…. i just wear what i want to…. or what is available in my wardrobe… But i adore fashion… and everything related to it…. I am just lazy to follow it myself….

Enough of that… but look at the fun editorials ELLE  has… ok.. i know other magazines have them too…. but seriously… look at this!!!

Guess its the prints too that work for me here….

Below is the ELLE cover for June 2010:

ELLE India June 2010

And its very “Lacoste” editorial:

IMAGE from: FashionCopious, ELLE India


The New Colours of Fashion

From sweet pastels, to black and white, and now this!!!

The new colours for the season are bold!!! So bold and stark and bold!!!

From covers to the inside stories…

Vogue Germany July 2010

RUSSH Australia June/July 2010

Eva Mendes for W July 2010

ELLE 2010

Numéro #114

‘coz she’s so….

This results from random internet surfing

I like her hair, I love her sunglasses, I have no *love* words for her denim choice… just as a denim shirt, a denim waistcoat, and a denim jacket, i just added this denim dungree is on my “need to have-have to buy” list!

IMAGE from: Fashion Copious

Being Frida Kahlo…

I wish I knew her too!!


Why???  -Do you know who she was??? If yes! You wouldn’t be asking me that… if NO… shame on you!!!

Now… just don’t google her!!! That’ll be sad….

Let me tell you that….

She was a Mexican painter (born 1907) … to say the least…  A communist by heart.. (as I understand.. after google-ing her myself and watching a movie based on her- Frida :P ).
She didn’t paint people around her… or the beautiful scenery; she painted life… the love, the passion… and the pain…. That is what was depicted through her paintings…. her self-portraits… which I can’t resist adding… is an inspiration to a lot of creativity now!!!

And if you still thinking why I wish I knew her….

She was a woman… a true strong woman…. the one which didn’t need a women empowerment scheme… or a women rights bill to prove her point….

Contracting polio at the age of 6… and to hide her thin leg… she wore long bright   colourful skirts… The rest of her fashion statements were not to hide anything…. she just was such…. wearing peasant tops, braided hair tied into a twist with flowers, and exotic earrings…. and the most prominent feature… her uni-brow….

Going back to the earlier “her strength” line, she had a horrible bus accident… which left her with broken spinal column, broken ribs, collarbone, pelvis, and a crushed right leg and foot…  But such was her determination… that she not only regained from her sufferings… she made her able to walk, (and dance too)…. Although this did put her into series of visits to the hospital, she never stopped. But the accident was a boon too…. she started to paint while being bed-ridden… she painted her life in those paintings… as if she was expressing her life through those colours and strokes….

Married to the Mexican painter Diego Rivera (in 1929), whom she initially admired, Frida had a number of lovers… both men and women… But they loved each other to an extent, that even her fiery temperaments, which drove them to divorce in 1939, made them reconcile and get married again… in 1940..!!

Sadly enough… she too, like many others…  didn’t get recognition years after her death… It was almost in the 1980′s, when a certain artistic movement started…. mainly recognizing the contemporary Mexican culture, did her work come into notice. Till then, she was known as Diego Rivera’s wife…! And yes… this later recognition has happened to a lot of great people… (John Keats died believing he was a failure!!!)

A self portrait by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo inspirational Yana Gupta by Tarun Khiwal

Want more???

An editorial by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (featuring Claudia Schiffer)…. for Vogue Germany March 2010

See more images on Fashion Gone Rouge (link below)

Don’t you wish you knew her too???

IMAGES from: Tarun, Fashiongonerouge,

Fashion on you…. you in style…. no maybe… you in fashion!?

If you look back at the people in history, it would be very clear- Fashion sense in people back then outshone their presence or rather— made it. Picture the extreme bouffant of the Victorian Era or the pale white skin made-up face of the Chinese; history never failed to amaze. When I looked back at some notified fashion makers of the past, I felt so small; considering what I see of fashion today. Well, I am not saying there’s nothing to look at now; because there is. But imagine the creativity and the knack to doing something so different and ahead of their time then!!!! Think past and a flood of images would come rushing into your head-Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Frieda Kahlo in the West or say Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman closer home (to name a few). you picture them and know their exact fashion sense. You can look at a garment and know which one would go with whom!!!

But wait.

Can you do that now??? For how many??? The ever so precious Kate Moss, or Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes…. ??? I love what they wear… love it… but what more????
Thankfully, as I write here, I can think of some people- maybe Victoria Beckham, or how about I say- Lady Gaga. Who else???? Maybe there are… but none of whom I can think of right now…

I don’t know if i am happy that the other “best dressed” ladies as we out them as, are great to have such a beautiful sense of “style” and “fashion”. Should we not give all the credit to the designers for their collection??? The “best dressed ladies” after all wear the best from the collection… Right??? Or maybe I am wrong…

Or should I be happy that we still have some people, one (to be precise) at the moment- to make the biggest news- Lady Gaga!!! Wearing the outlandish-est of the clothes, she certainly makes heads turn her way! Though accused of copying styles from Grace Jones (yes there was a news article on even that!!), Lady Gaga never failed to make an impact, (keep the good or bad aside). Experimenting with hair-wigs, or fitting herself into those unique pieces of garments… each equally inspirational…. and disturbing (sometimes) if I may add.

Personally- I feel pretty nice to be in the same era as her— the same way as I was proud to be in the same era as the great Alexander McQueen, but very sad to be not able to meet him. When bloggers around the world talk about her statement making style- when they dedicate a section of their blog to “what Lady Gaga will be wearing from the season” – yes it happened for the spring collection! How cool is that!!!

Yes its not about fashion making you… but you making fashion…. but the pretty ladies of today are so engrossed in “looking pretty” that they hardly go out of the “safe” range of clothing!! Pretty.. but Sad…. Sad… but True!!