The trend that made me think.. WHY?

We are in the middle of ‘crisis’ to put it in the right sense…. Aircel has recently launched a campaign saying Only 1411 tigers left… what can we do to save them!Various reasons put together… the number of tigers have been gradually decreasing….

If we really care about them so much.. why does then fashion sometimes plays with them… For who think I am against fashion.. read the rest of the entry first….

The latest jewelry trend to hit the fashion world is the mammoth ivory jewelry. Killed due to a natural calamity or though our ancestors, mammoths are history now… Why then instead of preserving them as it is, their ivory is being used to create ‘vintage’ jewelery????

The first piece which i saw is a ‘claw cuff’ which can was rightly names “insanity clutched onto your clutch”.

[Derrick R. Cruz from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons took Pamela Love‘s signature Talon Cuff and tricked the ish out of it. Six natural black diamonds (!) are set in an oxidized sterling silver talon, and—get this—outfitted with claws that are carved from 10-30,000 year old Siberian woolly mammoth tusks. Fourteen have been produced till now!]

Monique Péan Mammoth Bone Necklace; Vintage 1920s Fossilized Mammoth Ivory and Diamond Ring

Belmacz Cuff, Monique Pean Mwanza River Pendant Necklace

Now, can it be put this way that a lot of poaching might also be happening just for the sake of fashion…. For furs, bones and what not!!

IMEAGES from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, Monique Péan, Belmacz


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