The day when the Barbie wore Louboutins!

We all grew up with our Barbie(s)… Taking them out for walks, making them sit in front of us all day long, always busy in getting her hair right, and pleading our parents to get us their “dresses”… Barbie has been our companion and our best friend ever since and we didn’t really care if parents argued over her “perfect figure” not being a very positive influence on us!

And now, the same Barbie has got even more fashionable getting into Louboutins!

The Barbie and Christian Louboutin  teamed up for a shoe campaign…  Their book, “My year in Paris with Christian Louboutin” has images where both are shown as a couple having a gala time together… and Louboutin getting all green eyed seeing Barbie with Ken! :P

Oh! and while at one part, Barbie was getting high on fashion, a few Barbies were dressing down… going into the basic black dress!

[To celebrate the launch of the LBD-loving Barbie Basics line, twelve CFDA fashion and accessories designers, including Isaac Mizrahi, Kate Spade’s Deborah Lloyd, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy and Monica Botkier, created one-of-a-kind dolls to spotlight their unique kind points-of-view

have a look at it!

IMAGES from,


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