A beginning!

After a hell lot of persuasion from both my ma and dad.. i am finally starting this blog…

Just one sentence… and i couldn’t wait more- Nobody will hear, until you speak out!

Fingers crossed… As i am sitting here.. not only for the start of the blog for which I have been “fidgeting” over for quite some time now… but also for am standing in a “new phase”.. if i could call it that!!

With college almost over, (sorry i forgot to mention… I am  a final year student at National Institute of Fashion Technology, under Fashion Communication), and my graduation project under process…  I am now in the world which i never thought i would even mildly think about!!

I still remember my first class in the Foundation Program about “Overview of fashion”, where we were described terms and named designers of whom i had no clue of! From that day ,i saw fashion as a term to memorize about and pass examinations, till before the styling classes in my 3rd year!  All of a sudden, i was introduced to the world of stylists and fashion icons… from Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Isadora Duncan to Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Cher!

Never did i before realize the importance of the word “style” (read:not fashion). – ‘Coz, instead of following fashion, they made their own style, great enough, that people rendered that fashion!

That was the day when i met a very dear friend of mine and announced that i want to write… about Fashion and style… how, where, when… i still have to figure out.. .but i knew what i wanted to do!


So… back to fingers crossed… to the start of the new blog… and to the start of a new beginning…


2 responses to “A beginning!

  1. Hey

    so i was doing my background check on harpers india when I came through your blog. Im your junior at NIFT, currently in FC Sem Vi; looking towards interning in the summer with Bazaar. Could you give me an idea about how I could go about it?

    I was looking at getting into styling or art direction.


    Ps. would love to hear from you at keertikataria@gmail.com

  2. Ps. Your alexander mc queen piece is great!

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